IAL Nazionale provides services and realizes activities about:

  • guidance, training, qualification, re-skilling, updating and up skilling for workers, unemployed, young and adults, apprentices

To this end:

  • promotes lifelong learning and updating activities, even in the context of work policies’ the strategies and plans
  • performs consulting services for companies
  • designs, realizes and provides products and services for e –learning
  • Promotes, organizes and realizes activities of information and training:
  • About health and safety at work, also in e-learning
  • Social and cultural in favour of Italian and foreign workers in Italy and abroad
  • VET for inmates, adults, minors for social integration/ work insertion
  • Investigation, study in depth, technical and scientific support directly or in collaboration with private and public, national and international, Institutions, Entities, Regions and local public Bodies within:
  • social and economic issues
  • job market, VET
  • Draft, publication and dissemination of documents, studies, investigations and training materials IAL Nazionale has participated in the last years to ERASMUS+ Programme projects developing strong competencies on planning and tasks management. IAL has managed, as lead partner KA2 projects reaching high performances in these actions thanks to its long experience at national level.

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